Decorated Horseshoe – Beaded


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IMG_1311 copyThese rustic horseshoes have been spray painted black and decorated with a combination of dried flowers and or beads with a inspiration saying at the bottom of the shoe. The beads are by Jesse James Beads in Rhapsody, Venus, Bella De Jour, A Formal Affair, Parfait and  Hawaiian Beach.


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Dream as if you'll live forever, Enjoy the journey, Live in the moment, Live the life you imagine, Encourage your hopes not your fears, Know in your heart you are loved, Life is about creating yourself, Embrace imperfection, The journey awakens the soul, Possibility begins with imagination, reality has limits, imagination is boundless, capture life's moments

Bead Colors

Rhapsody, Venus, Bella De Jour, A Formal Affair, Parfait, Hawaiian Beach