About The Horses

Horses have served humanity since the dawn of civilization. They have served us in so many ways — as food, in war, as a means of travel, as companions. Horses know us. They understand us better than we understand ourselves.

When a horse looks into your heart, he only sees the truth. He sees that truth even if you’re hiding from it. And, he can bring that to your attention. But you need someone to guide you through this process and that is where Andrea comes into the picture.

Andrea has completed an intensive two year training program with extensive hands-on experience to understand how to translate the wisdom of the horse into a language you can understand — and use to change your life. The method she uses is known as the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method and it relies on the understanding that you contain all the answers within you and that a coach assisted by a horse can help you find those answers and bring them to the surface. Once they are out in the open, the co-coaching team of Andrea and her horses will help you experience the process of letting go of old behavior patterns and limiting beliefs while replacing them with new expansive concepts that will serve you as you move forward through your life.


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The result of this type of coaching is quick acting and long lasting. It does not require you to ride the horse nor does it require any type of previous horse experience. It will work even if you’re scared or unsure around horses. It works with individuals, groups, families, teams and couples.


You can find out more about the EGCMethod by visiting EGCMethod.com and TouchedbyaHorse.com

Andrea is an absolute gift from God. My respect, admiration and appreciation for her is without question. She is a first class professional, an accomplished attorney and has years of experience developing leaders in the personal growth and self-improvement  arena. Andrea also has a talent for helping people explore their full potential while instilling an urgency for taking massive an immediate action. Her accountability methods were a significant contribution toward extraordinary success in my life personally and professionally!