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Andrea has been featured on Colorado Bar Association Sip and Talk, Rocket Matters, Family Lawyer Magazine and Touched By A Horse Podcast.

Andrea is a three-time author, former high-powered criminal defense attorney, is a sought-after speaker and life transformational coach. She has helped many world-wide to notice, integrate, transform and flourish in their life, calling and businesses of their dreams. She’s also quick-witted—truly inspiring!

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Andrea has a bold and pertinent message for today’s lawyers and other high-powered executives–and great and powerful presence.  As a former trial lawyer Andrea has that special ability to communicate directly, speak instinctively and suitably to different kinds of audiences—from mainstream news to divine enthusiasts. She’s been listened to from all over the world. Catch a dose of her passion here:

"Andrea was a pleasure to have as a podcast guest. She was extremely knowledgable about equine therapy and its benefits. It was obvious from her voice and enthusiasm that she loves what she does and wants to share her experiences with others."
Larry Port
CEO and Founder of Rocket Matter
"Andrea is an insightful, knowledgeable guest that knows how to connect with people. She is a friendly, warm and engaging speaker who offers her audience the opportunity to grow by listening to her story and expertise. During our discussion, I was not only impressed by her story but was also impressed upon; I had a personal epiphany that helped me start healing a past hurt and start moving forward. I personally and professionally recommend Andrea."
Shanna Montoya
Colorado Bar Association


In addition to enjoying her two highly celebrated books and newsletters, you can read articles by and about Andrea in: University of North Dakota Alumni Review Magazine,  Colorado Lawyer, Family Lawyer Magazine and on numerous blogs.  Here are a few selections:

How to Make Horse-Sense Out of Nonsense

Powerful Lessons from Horses that can Help Heal Us

Horses Helping Humans


The published collection of books by Andrea and containing her anthologies are a must read for everyone! Whether you have an extra hour or a day to kill, Andrea’s books are worth the read!

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For questions or additional information contact: andrea@witherswhisper.com, or call 970-682-4405 .