Where did your passion go?


It’s time for your wake up call …

Do you sometimes look around your life and wonder what happened to your happiness?

Clients demand all your time until there is none left for you or the people you love — until you are filled with resentment and even, sometimes, anger.

Or maybe you’ve found yourself at the mercy of a situation where you have no control — a divorce or lawsuit — where fear and frustration are the overarching themes in your life.

It can feel like there is no way out — but there is. It starts with a simple phone call — a first step on the trail to a happier future.

It all starts with a free phone consultation. One where we talk about where you are and where you want to go — if you even know (you don’t have to know).

From there, we make a plan and we work together to make it, whatever “it” is in your life, happen with joy and ease. As your coach, Andrea has many tools in her toolbox — clearing, encouragement, spirituality, compassion. Life coaches are there to guide you — they know you have the answer to everything you need to embrace happiness, you just sometimes need a little help to ask the right questions.

Oh, and did you know there would be horses? Horse are Andrea’s secret magic in creating a positive change in your life.

Who can benefit from Withers Whisper coaching?

Individuals and Families


Justice — It’s Just us. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges or is consumed in a legal situation, the stress can take a huge toll on your life.

Andrea’s coaching can offer you a chance to reclaim your ability to live your life to the fullest despite the situation. You can participate as an individual or include key family members or loved ones to make this opportunity the one that really helps you not only cope, but move forward in your life.

The answers you seek are inside you, it just sometimes takes a little help to find them. 

Legal Professional


Lawyers, judges, paralegals, law enforcement professionals who are experiencing stress in the workplace are the perfect candidates for working with Andrea.

If you’re questioning, “Is this what I signed up for?” it’s time to get to work.

This is the life path Andrea herself has lived, now let her coaching help you create balance in your life and find what makes your heart sing.

Customized sessions are designed just for you. Go to our events page for Withers Whisper retreats—a great way to get started with Andrea as your coach.



Fighting with someone you love is never easy — but sometimes, if you can approach it from a place of positivity, it can get resolved with less pain to both parties.

With Andrea’s coaching, you can discover who you are in this new space, where you came from and why you operate the way you do. You will learn communication skills and personal knowledge that can lead to resolutions.

Families are forever. They don’t go away and you will needs tools to be successful parents no matter how the family looks.

Bringing Prayer Ponies and Sponsored Coaching to the Children of Prison Inmates

For this holiday season and beyond, Withers Whisper and Prayer Ponies are teaming up to sponsor love, understanding, and awareness in the lives of children of prison inmates. Donations allow us to sponsor disadvantaged clients through our life-changing 90-day coaching program.

The Prayer Pony Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization.

I lived my life in a constant state of stress serving other people.

Until the day I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

That day was my wake up call.

As an attorney, I am very successful. Which means my life revolves around clients and their needs. Their needs — not mine. The realization I hadn’t lived my own life was like a gut punch in the days that followed my diagnosis. You know — you take on a career that focuses on others with long hours, expensive education, high expectations from everyone — and then, one day, you find yourself looking in the mirror wondering how you got to the place you are.

My journey didn’t end with a brain tumor — it actually began with one. I learned how to better balance my life, an act that takes practice and love. I learned I had a gift for helping others see their true selves — those tiny whispers of their own humanity hidden behind their to-do lists and dockets. Now I want to help you overcome what I overcame — what it took a brain tumor to show me I needed to do to live a life true to myself.

Your guide for this journey is wise, patient and incredibly understanding … Horses can see into the deep places inside us — the things we keep most hidden, sometimes we don’t even know they are there. But the horse does. And they know how to bring those things we’ve been harboring to the surface. They also know how to help us let go — release what is no longer needed and embrace our destiny.

"It is not a coaching session, it is a life lesson"


“Andrea, is so present, caring and holds a tremendous space for her clients.  Her ability to guide me through the process was beautiful and mindful.”


Creston, BC

“Andrea’s confidence and expertise allowed her client to connect with her inner child.  The energy she brings to the work is positive and powerful.”


Ulm, MT

“Watching Andrea work was incredibly powerful.  Her confidence is reassuring.  She is compassionate and truly present.”


Crossfield, AB

“I witnessed Andrea being insightful and compassionate with her client. She is a rare talent who will inspire everyone she works with.”

Linda S.


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