Dealing with Holiday Stress

Stress seems to be a normal part of life these days. However, holiday stress adds a whole new dimension to what you usually feel. With all the extra shopping, baking, decorating, and holiday events, it’s hard to find time to relax. And if you work a job that is busier...

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Mindfully Shape Relationship Habits

Mindfully Shape Relationship Habits Your relationship habits can make or break your relationship. With good habits, your relationship becomes stronger, healthier, and happier. With bad habits, your relationship becomes distant, stressful, and falls apart. How do you...

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Letting Go of Resentment for Couples

Letting Go of Resentment for Couples Over time, negative relationship habits can create resentment. The more this resentment builds up, the harder it is to overcome it and get back to a healthy, happy relationship. Resentment leads to anger, frustration, and distance...

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Ultimate Reading Resources for Happy Relationships

Ultimate Reading Resources for Happy Relationships Maintaining a happy, healthy relationship takes work. Lot of work! You need to make an effort every day to connect with your partner and strengthen your bond.  How do you do that? And especially after many years...

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How to Avoid Job Burnout

How to Avoid Job Burnout Lawyers deal with a significant amount of stress. Between the long hours and taxing mental work, it can lead to job burnout. A common trait for many lawyers is their Type A personality; competitive, controlling, determined, and aggressive....

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Mental Health & Wellness for Lawyers

Mental Health and Wellness for Lawyers If I had to guess, I’d say you probably don’t know too many lazy lawyers. More likely, none. That’s because the profession lends itself to people who are Type A personalities. You know the type, ambitious, competitive, impatient,...

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