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I’m Andrea M. Hall and I’m a Professional Coach, helping Lawyers to achieve the balance they so greatly covet in their lives. I’m a lawyer, so I know the stress and anxiety that most lawyers have. Instead of grinding away working long hours, you can find a better way to create that work life balance that is crucial for a long career as a lawyer or attorney.

I provide professional coaching for not only lawyers, but for couples and other people in high stress jobs. With my transformational life coaching, both your personal and professional lives will be transformed into something you can only dream of.

I have worked with Lawyers, Engineers, Medical Doctors, Contractors, IT, Finance (Mortgage & Bankers), Real Estate Brokers, Marketing & Advertising Executives, Corporate Executives, Event Coordinators, Pilots, Business Owners, Stock Brokers, Wedding Planners and more to help them with their mindset and turn their lives and careers around.