It is our responsibility to ensure that we are giving our equine friends the very best in care. This includes caring for their physical needs while supporting their overall wellness.

Just like humans, horses can experience stress and it’s up to us, as owners, to recognize those signs and symptoms and help ease that discomfort. After all, prolonged or chronic stress can lead to a wealth of health concerns.

When a horse isn’t coping well you’ll usually notice a deviation from their normal behavior. Being unwilling to work, having a decreased appetite, depression or flightiness are all common signs that something isn’t quite right. If you are in tune with your horses needs you’ll be able to notice issues early on.

One way to support your horse’s health and well-being and help to ease symptoms of duress is through the use of pure essential oils. Essential oils have been used for centuries and have been used on horses far longer than any other animal. These oils come from nature’s plants making it a safe and therapeutic choice.

These 10 Essential oils are perfect for soothing equine stress


Roman Chamomile

Calming, quells nervousness and tantrums. Roman chamomile also works wonders to soothe itchy skin.


A popular choice for horses, lavender helps overcome anxiety and shyness. This oil is a good choice for horses that are restless or those that often need reassurance.

Cedar wood

Relaxing, supportive in times of change and enhances strength and endurance. Cedar wood also acts as an insect repellent and can stimulate hair growth.


Conquers fear and claustrophobia and can improve breathing when under stress. Frankincense is often used in first aid for your horse as it can promote healing of wounds and abrasions.


Euphoric for some, Jasmine centers and makes grounded.  Jasmine is especially helpful for horses that bully others.


Emotionally grounding, ideal for horses overcoming physical injury or trauma; another wonderful choice for easing the symptoms of anxiety.


Lemon lifts the spirit, combats fatigue and can relieve pain from sore muscles.


This luxurious oil comforts and heals a wounded heart. Rose is the best aide for your horse in times of change, grief or loss.


Uplifting, Bergamot oil acts as an anti-depressant and puts your horse in a jovial mood.

Serenity Blend

This blend from Do-Terra is a tranquil blend that brings about a powerful sense of harmony and peace.

Hopefully this information has been helpful for you if you have horses.  If you would like to come and spend time with me and my horses call for a Free consultation at 970-682-4405 or email me at andrea@witherswhisper.com.