Whether you’re in a relationship now or want to be in one remember that love and appreciation goes a long way.  No matter how long you have been with your significant other it can be easy to find yourself taking your partner for granted. Politeness and gratitude tend to give way to tiredness, stress, work and screaming kids. The same person you used to thank for all the little things now feels unappreciated for all they do.

If a stranger holds the door open for you, you are quick to thank them for their kindness, but you forget to show gratitude to your significant other’s hard work and loving gestures.

What we sometimes forget is that expressing gratitude is beneficial for both partners. When you show appreciation for your partner, you often receive more in return.

Research shows that, on days when partners felt more gratitude toward each other and felt appreciated by the other; they felt more bonded and were happier the next day.

Gratitude is a great booster for relationships. Every day is filled with opportunities to tell your loved one how grateful you are. Here are some simple ways to shower your partner with LOVE and APPRECIATION:

  1. Buy them a gift for no reason.
  2. When their right about something, tell them.
  3. Give them a heartfelt compliment.
  4. Share your dreams.
  5. Praise them in front of others.
  6. Notice when they change something about the way they look or is wearing a new outfit.
  7. Be free with “thank you’s”.
  8. Don’t multi-task while their talking to you, give them your undivided attention.
  9. Tell them you’re proud of them.
  10. Tell them that you believe in them.
  11. Don’t judge.
  12. Hug and kiss “just because”.
  13. Run a hot bubble bath for them.
  14. Give up control of the remote for a night.
  15. Ask them about their dreams and goals.
  16. Compliment them on how nice they look.
  17. Write them a thank-you note for something they did or said.
  18. Give them a big smile and hug when they come home. Tell them that you missed them.
  19. Ask them to teach you something.
  20. Remember the names of their closest friends.
  21. Ask them for their opinion.
  22. When you’ve made a mistake, admit it.
  23. When they ask you about your day, share details.
  24. Leave a love note where they will find it.
  25. Tell them how they made a difference in your life.
  26. Celebrate their successes.
  27. Brag about them to your friends.
  28. Give them a foot rub after a long day.
  29. Text “5 Reasons You’re the Greatest”.
  30. Compliment him on being a great dad.

What are some other ways you can show your spouse how much you love and appreciate them?  If you want to take your relationship to the next level give me a call.  Your relationship can always grow.  For a FREE 30 minute consultation call me at 970-682-4405 or email us at andrea@witherswhisper.com.  Here’s to the love of your life!