If you’re a horse owner you’re probably already aware that horses are prone to accidental injury.

These injuries can occur while being ridden yet have a tendency to occur in the grass and stable too. Somehow, even in the safest of environments, it’s highly likely you’ll end up having to administer first aid of some type while owning and caring for your horse.

It’s important that horse keepers check horses thoroughly as part of their daily care routine. You must be well prepared to care and treat everyday cuts and grazes as well as more complex issues.

I’m a huge advocate for the use of essential oils for routine equine care. Essential oils are a safe, natural option for treating many common ailments. They can support your horse’s physical needs while boosting immunity, treating symptoms and improving their overall wellness.

It’s not necessary to go out and buy up all the essential oils out there “in case” you might need them. You can get started fairly easy with a few popular choices; here are my recommendations for the 5 must-have essential oils for equine first aid: 


One of my favorites of all the mints, Peppermint essential oil has a lightly sweet minty fresh scent that invigorates both the horse and the owner. Peppermint gives off a cooling effect which can prevent overheating also boosting energy; reduces stomach ache and soothes digestive stress, improves mental focus while encouraging a calm demeanor.


A popular essential oil, Lavender essential oil is most known for its versatility and can be used in place of other oils when in a pinch. Just like in humans, lavender is calming, peaceful and relaxing. It’s excellent for sunburns, insect bites, burns and other skin ailments. Can soothe sore achy muscles and is a great choice for young horses or those with sensitivities.


Because of its strong smell, Geranium essential oil is often used as a mosquito repellent. Offering some powerful properties this oil can be used as an antibiotic, astringent or antiseptic. Geranium is also known to balance mind and emotions and can be used accordingly if you’re equine friend is unsettled due to illness, changes or loss.


A member of the Thyme family, Marjoram essential oil is highly aromatic. It has a warming action that brings almost instant relief to muscle and joint conditions. I highly recommend marjoram as your first choice for comforting muscles; it’s an effective muscle relaxant.


Most known for its spiritual uses, Myrrh essential oil is highly recommended by herbalists for the amazing effect on the skin. With its powerful and cleansing properties myrrh is used to treat cuts, wounds and regenerate tissue to speed healing.

Essential oils aren’t meant to replace veterinarian care for emergencies and severe health needs. However, they can be a great addition to routine care and wellness. Both the owners and horse can benefit from these properties and being able to act quickly can shorten overall healing time and offer the immediate comfort your horse might need. Always dilute the oils with a proper ratio and educate yourself about the properties of oils and application methods for equine care.

I hope this article gives you a great starting point for using essential oils as part of your first-aid kit and health regimen for your horse. I’d love to hear back from you, feel free to connect with me any time for clarification or questions. I look forward to hearing from you!