Life is a balancing act, and at any moment we are just one step away from falling off balance. We are constantly trying to move forward with achieving our goals, all while trying to keep the various aspects of our lives in balance.

If any area of our life needs extra energy, we have to steal it from the other areas. That throws us off—and we have trouble moving forward until we find balance again. We have to deal with the areas that take too much energy and realign them so that we have energy available for all other areas.

It’s important to understand that no one else can do this for us. No one can think, feel, examine, experience, or love for us. It’s up to us to bring balance to our lives. We just have to decide to do it.

But how? By stopping to assess how we’re doing and looking at all the various areas of our lives that we are constantly juggling – relationships, family, finances, health, friends, spiritual development, mental growth.

Can we devote enough energy to all areas? Or are we unbalanced in one direction? Here’s how to find and maintain the balance you seek:

Take an assessment of your life as it is now

Looking at ourselves for who we really are is the first step in changing our lives. Do you feel physically and/or mentally exhausted? Do you feel you’re missing out on a close relationship? Are you a workaholic? Do you feel yourself lacking a spiritual alignment? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, your life is probably out of balance.

Make a conscious decision to become balanced

Choosing to make decisions based on your reality is the second step to becoming balanced. Creating balance allows you to reach your goals and your life’s purpose while experiencing less stress. It’s time to make a conscious decision to change. And that decision has to be made on an ongoing basis, every day, in every situation. Things won’t change overnight. You will need to maintain patience and focus on your goal of finding balance.

  • Set goals for every area of your life
  • Your relationships
  • Your physical health
  • Your spiritual development
  • Your mental wellbeing
  • Your work
  • Your finances

Be willing to take risks

Being willing to take the risk to make changes. It will not only enhance your life, but you will have more energy and an expanded awareness of what your life is all about.

Reassess your progress on a daily basis

None of us can really know how well we’re doing with change unless we reassess our progress. Your decisions are not concrete; if something isn’t working, be willing to make a new decision. Make time for yourself every day to relax and “check in”.

Creating balance in your life won’t just happen once; it is an ongoing process that you will need to work towards every day. But the peace of mind and joy that it will bring you will make it worth it. Wanting help in creating that balance I am hear for you. I can help you start that process in 90 days! Give me a call at 970-682-4405 or drop me an email at andrea@witherswhisper.com for a FREE consultation and we can put a plan in place.