Everyone deals with insecurity and a lack of confidence at times; it’s a natural part of life.  But living day-to-day with insecurity doesn’t have to be.  Confidence is a habit you learn and build over time.  But not making the effort to build your confidence will keep you stuck, and you won’t be able to achieve your dreams.  Changing some habits and becoming more confident will allow you to achieve great things.

Here are 7 great ways to help you boost your confidence quickly:

Know who you are, the good, the bad and the ugly:

Knowing what you don’t like about yourself is important.  It opens the door to improving, which allows you to start changing what you don’t like and it allows you to be more aware of what you’re capable of, which ultimately shines a light on your great qualities and builds your confidence.

Smile More:

Smiling makes you feel good and improves your confidence.  When you feel good about life, it’s easier to feel good about yourself.  Lifting your mood will quickly elevate your confidence level.

Make a list:

No matter how insignificant something may seem, create a list of 10 things you love about yourself.  Keep this list close and read it every day.  Continue to add to it frequently.  The more you notice the positive things about yourself, the more your confidence will soar.

Forget the comparisons:

You are you and that’s all you need to be.  You were created to be uniquely you and your journey is not the same as anyone else’s.  Be proud of who you are.  You have overcome your own struggles to get where you are in your life.  That’s a great achievement!

Be yourself:

When you are simply the truest version of yourself that you can be, you’ll realize that all the times you tried to be something else you were holding you back.  Owning and accepting who you are frees you from judgement and comparison, and ultimately you begin to exude confidence.  Deep down, you are aware of your unique values and talents.  Get in touch with the real you.  Let go of insecurity and be proud of who you are.

Identify your passions:

When you are living your life with passion and purpose, you’re naturally happier and more confident because it brings out your best qualities.  Having direction gives you meaning and focus, which leads to a higher level of confidence.

Be prepared:

When you’re prepared for a meeting, a project, a party, or anything else, you naturally feel more confident.  Take some time to create your plan, know what you need to get done and prepare in advance.  You’ll come across like a Rockstar!

It’s not hard to start improving your self-confidence, but it does take time and intentional action.  Start building your confidence habit today and before long you’ll feel like the most confident person you know.  If you want to take this confidence to the next level, please feel free to contact me to schedule a FREE consultation!  I would love to speak with you further on how to take your life from good to GREAT! Call 970-682-4405…Listen to the whisper!