Even the best relationships need maintenance from time to time.  In fact, ongoing maintenance helps to create better relationships.  Yet, no one is perfect, there will be emotional meltdowns, miscommunications and hurtful mistakes in your relationship so you need to be able to recover and reconnect. To help the process of reconnecting when you’re feeling distant and stressed, try these tips for keeping your relationship strong.

Be gentle

Sometimes words are not needed.  Instead of speaking, try giving a hug, or reaching for your sweetheart’s hand.  A touch can be very powerful.  Most couples loose that contact with each other because of busy lives and schedules.  Just take time to connect heart to heart.

Look for a positive

Anything positive, even, “Sure is a beautiful day.” Communication is key to a healthy relationship.  When things are tense and the right words don’t come, saying something positive is a step in the right direction. When the negative interactions outweigh the positive ones, communication starts to break down.  Make a decision to have a positive attitude and positive words will follow.


Look for something good to compliment your partner on.  When you feel, loved and supported for who you are, you’ll be more loving towards your partner.  The same is true for them.

Find humor

Inside jokes, happy memories and enjoyable times together.  Laughter creates a stronger and more importantly a closer bond.  When the laughter is hard to find, the relationship struggles. Make a conscious effort to find ways to laugh with each other every day.  Laughter is the best medicine.

Keep it in perspective

In the big picture of your lives, how big is your current problem?  Real problems are when someone is diagnosed with cancer or you’ve lost someone you love.  Everything else is just a challenge to overcome.  When dealing with a struggle, thinking about how lucky you already are will help to keep your situation in perspective.  Take a moment and look in the rear- view mirror and will quickly be reminded of how blessed you truly are.

Walk it off

If you have a severe fight or emotional breakdown, go for a walk. Getting away from the situation and giving yourself time to mentally regroup will help you to regain control of your emotions.  Take five and get a change of scenery. Take a walk, go for a bike ride, or go for a drive.  This will also allow for your emotions to settle and you will be better able to respond versus reacting to the situation.

Keep Short Accounts

Once the stressful moment has past, let go of it. Couples who choose to let the past live in the past are able to enjoy a fresh start with each other regularly. Couples who let resentments build up find that even the smallest disagreements can create major conflicts.

Disagreements, hurt feelings, conflicts, and emotional stress are normal aspects of relationships.  Yet how you deal with them will determine the lasting power of your love.  Reconnect with your partner and find new things to love about them every day.

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