Kids deal with lots of changes and challenges in their lives, which can lead to stress, which usually leads to either withdrawing into themselves or acting out.  Especially in this day and age of social media and texting, kids have never learned how to communicate and handle their problems.

Yet magic seems to happen when an unhappy child learns to interact with a horse. A change of environment from an urban setting to more natural surroundings can have an inspiring and soothing effect on a child.  Over time, the can learn to begin to let go of a lot of any negative emotions they’re holding on to.

When kids first begin an equine program, they do so because they are often withdrawn and experiencing anger. The relationships they’ve had have been negative and they’re acting out in some manner.  Yet, with a horse, they will begin to experience a new kind of relationship. One that is more honest, and for many kids, the first relationship they’ve experienced where they can truly be themselves.

Horses are naturally social animals.  They are sensitive to the energy that surrounds them.  They respond to human interaction based on the feelings and attitudes they sense, allowing kids to find a sense of connection without the negative feelings they sometimes associate with therapy.

A horse will act out in fear in response to anger, or bullying so they serve as a mirror, reflecting a child’s emotions and energy back to them. Their responses are honest and true so they respond negatively to negative emotions, positively to positive emotions. They do not respond to aggression, which forces the child to find another way of communicate.

Kids learn how to control their anger because they know if they don’t, the horse will respond negatively.  They don’t want to upset a horse they’ve begun to care about. In order to achieve a positive response, the child needs to learn how to approach the horse in a positive manner.

Horses can be unpredictable and intimidating. Interacting with one forces the child to confront any fear or insecurities they may be dealing with. They learn how to keep their fear under control, how to maintain a level of calm, and how to have positive emotions despite their lack of confidence. In learning to effectively work with a horse, a child develops a significant sense of self-esteem.

The more consistent a child is with their attentiveness, the more cooperative the horse becomes; allowing the child to learn essential life skills, like positive communication, trust, and controlling their anger and frustration.

Horses have a calming and healing effect on humans. Kids become more engaged, bringing them out of their inner cycle of negative thinking. Working with horses may be the first opportunity that some kids have to experience an emotional bond of unconditional love and trust. Experiencing this kind of unique, bond can have a positive, life-changing effect.

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