Equine Gestalt.  Gestalt is a German word meaning wholeness.  Life coaching has been shown to be extremely beneficial when dealing with transitions, adjustments, depression, and confidence. It’s a holistic approach to healing that allows you to release negative energy and emotional blocks in a positive manner.

Equine Gestalt work means interacting with a horse as an active partner in the discovery and healing process. Work with a horse is integrated with self-awareness and positive coaching to assist you in creating a positive path for yourself.

It can be extremely beneficial for people who have been deeply affected by trauma or a life changing incident. It provides an effective way to grow and move forward.

If you have done other types of therapy and they are just not working.  You might consider this as an alternative.  Some of the many reasons people turn to Equine Gestalt Coaching are:

  • Life transitions
  • At a, cross roads in your life
  • Feeling overwhelmed or somehow “stuck” in your life
  • Parenting support
  • Building confidence
  • Grief
  • Recovery from a trauma
  • Dealing with illness or end of life
  • PTSD
  • Relationship improvement
  • Depression
  • Boundaries

Basically, any situation in your life that has caused some emotional trauma or where improvement and direction is needed.  What even better is it’s great for people of all ages.

Equine Gestalt Coaching is not therapy. Instead, it is a way to work through your life’s situations by building a trusting relationship with a horse and finding your path to self-discovery.

Gestalt is a type of coaching that deepens your awareness of your feelings and emotions. If you have unresolved issues that are causing grief, stress, sadness, or depression in your life, Gestalt work helps you resolve them by treating you as a “whole” and improving your overall wellbeing.

Gestalt work also helps you verbalize unresolved issues that may have been buried deep in your mind or your memory that are affecting you today without your conscious awareness of them. It helps to bring anything you’ve been holding back into focus so that you can face it, resolve it, and move forward in a healthy manner.

Horses live in the present moment, they are not held back by any past situations. They also have a heightened sensitivity to energy and emotions around them and are able to reflect back what they sense, allowing you to find powerful insight to what might be going on in your mind. This allows them to be excellent teachers and partners in dealing with unresolved issues.

When planning your Equine Gestalt Coaching session, be prepared. Dress appropriately (something you don’t mind getting dirty and take the weather into consideration), wear comfortable, closed toed shoes for safety, and come with an open mind so that you can receive the highest benefits from your work. You may also want to bring a journal for taking notes and writing down any “aha” moments you may have.

Equine Gestalt Coaching is a great way to find peace and well being in all areas of your life. Try it today!  I offer FREE life coach consultations call me at 970-682-4405 or email me at andrea@witherswhisper.com