Journaling Document

I always knew that I wanted to be a lawyer ever since I could remember.  I went to law school and started my own law practice and became the best criminal defense lawyer I could be.  For the longest time, I was living my life passion and loved what I did.  In fact, I would have done it for free.  When you are living your purpose, it is not really work.

Then one day I woke up and said is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life?  After being diagnosed with a brain tumor and finding out how quickly things can be taken away from you I said “NO”.  I vowed if I get the chance to survive the brain tumor and surgery I am going to find out what makes my heart sing again and I did.

After lots of soul searching and really looking at what I liked about being a lawyer, what I did in my free time and what made me smile I discovered it.  I was able to take my passion for helping people and my love for horses and combine the two.  I then went back to school and trained to become an equine gestalt coach and out of that came Withers Whisper.

When you live your life with more purpose and passion, happiness is the ultimate result. You feel like you are being true to who you are, which leads to feeling more fulfilled in life. Yet what if you don’t feel passionate about your life? What if you’re not even sure what you’re passionate about?

When searching for what it was that I wanted to do with my life I really had to dig deep.  I looked inside my soul to discover who I was at my true essence.  You can either download the journaling document or use your own journal and begin to answer these questions and more.  Here are some easy ways to help you find the keys to help you unlock the hidden treasure inside bringing more passion and purpose back into your life:

Ask yourself some important questions

What could I read and learn more about every day without getting bored? What would I enjoy doing every day, even if I didn’t get paid? If I knew that the money would come, no matter what, what would I spend my time doing? These simple questions will help to put you on the path of what your soul is most passionate about. Let yourself dream of what makes you happy. Think big!  When you get to that place stay there and don’t let the “what if’s” creep in.

Accept that it doesn’t have to earn you money

Not every passion is going to make you rich. That’s okay. To experience more happiness in your life, you just have to spend more time doing what you’re passionate about. For instance, if you love gardening, you may not be able to make a living doing it yet doing it more often will make you happier and you’ll feel more fulfilled. If you are not able to make money at your passion, find some other way to make money that will allow you more time to fulfill your passion.

Eliminate what you don’t like

If you’re struggling to figure out what you’re passionate about, start with making a list of what you don’t like to do so you can eliminate them. Just remember “NO” is a full and complete sentence. Don’t like cleaning house, no problem, you don’t have to start a cleaning company. Don’t like mundane paperwork, then you’re probably not meant to work in an office environment. Once you eliminate what you don’t like, think about the people you know who have your “dream job”. What do they do and what do you like about that job?  Maybe you can take some of those things and create something that people need and want.

Go back in time

Children are often more connected to their life’s passion because they haven’t yet become distracted by the adult requirements of paying bills and having responsibilities. Go back to a time when you were a kid and money wasn’t an obstacle from getting what you wanted. Think back; what did you want to be as a child? Is there a way to transfer that childhood dream to your adult life? Again, don’t let the obstacles of life get in the way.  People telling you it is not possible.  Bankers saying, they won’t give you the money.  Stay focused on what it is that makes you happy.


Close your eyes and imagine yourself getting up every morning excited about the day ahead. You are ready to get it started. Your about to have the best day ever! Where are you going? What are you doing? Who are you spending time with? Spending some time quietly visualizing your perfect day will allow your mind to freely think and show you what you’re passionate about. If a vision board is helpful make one of those. That way you can look at it daily until it comes true.  Make sure you put it where you can see it regularly so that it will be a trigger for you to stay motivated and focused on what you truly want.  You may even put small triggers in places you frequent.  If you spend time in your car place something in the car that will remind you of where you want to go and who you want to be.

Finding more passion in your life will help you to be happier with your life in general. Take some time to figure out what makes you passionate. Need some more help? Try the journaling exercises to get you connected with your passions.  Horses will help you find your truth.  They will show you if you are speaking your truth call me for a FREE consultation 970-682-4405.