Being hurt is a natural part of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or a child, chances are you’ve experienced some sort of emotional pain in your life from someone you love and trust.

Holding on to that pain for weeks, months, and even years is unhealthy for you. It affects your emotional well being and most importantly your physical and mental well being. Holding on to a grudge or grievance is like holding toxic energy in your mind and body; it can only lead to unhappiness and more pain.

Once you’ve experienced it, how do you let it go and move on? That seems to be the hard part. The only way to let more happiness into your life is by making room for it by letting go of hurt. Here are five great ways to start letting go of your pain and moving yourself into a happier mindset.


Making a conscious decision to let go of a hurt is the first, and most important, way to move on from it. Hurt doesn’t just “go away”, you have to decide to send it packing. By deciding to let go, you are deciding to stop reliving the hurt and stop reviewing the details over and over again.


You have to get this hurt out of your system once and for all, so find a way to express your pain outside of your own mind. Speak to the person who hurt you, or if you don’t want to do that, vent to a friend or write in your journal. You can even write a letter or email to the person who hurt you and never mail it. Just get the anger out.

Shift Mindset

Now that you’ve decided to let go and you’ve gotten your hurt out, it’s time to let go of the victim mentality that’s been helping you hold on to your pain so long. It’s no longer serving you. It’s time to break free and move into being a creator of your own happiness. Stop blaming others and start deciding what you can do differently next time to keep the same thing from happening again.  Start deciding how you will respond differently if it does happen again. Being a victim means that you are letting life happen to you and you’re not responding. Being a creator means that you are deciding how you will respond when life happens.


It’s time to stop living in the past and focus on the present. You are not able to change anything that has already happened, yet by making different choices and deciding to be happy regardless of what happens; you are setting your present and future self up for joy and happiness. When you are focusing on your present moment, your present joy, your present decisions, it’s much harder to keep reliving the past.


Forgiveness is not about letting the person who hurt you off the hook, it’s not even about forgetting how they hurt you, it’s about freeing yourself from the bond of hurt you’ve been experiencing. It’s all about you! It’s simply about making the decision to finally let it go and not let someone else hold any more control over you with the pain you’ve been feeling.

Letting go and healing from old hurts is not an easy process, yet it’s one that you’ll be glad you did. Once you let go, you’ll find yourself living a happier and more fulfilling life.  The horses and I can help you heal and forgive very quickly.  Call me to schedule time with the horsed at 970-682-4405 or email me at andrea@witherswhisper.com  We look forward to helping you.  Remember the whisper of the horse echoes the spirit of the soul!