Are you trying to do so much and going in so many different directions that you’re left feeling completely overwhelmed and stressed out? What can you do to get yourself feeling back in control and relaxed?

Our fast-paced lifestyles demand a lot of our attention. On top of that, we are spending more time working and taking less time off. The result? More stress and less calm.

When you’re juggling between your work, family and your own personal needs, it’s easy to get sucked into the never-ending to-do list and end up feeling overwhelmed.

These techniques will help you manage your stress, overcome your feeling of overwhelm, and help you live a more relaxed and stress-free lifestyle.

Step Away

You are not able to overcome your feeling of overwhelm from a place of stress. You have to step away and view your circumstances from a clear and fresh perspective.

Go into a different room or go out for a walk. Stepping away from your stress for just a few moments will help you gain clarity, and move you past your overwhelmed state of mind.

Determine What Really Matters

When faced with overwhelm, our mind becomes clouded with thoughts that cause stress. Take a step back and ask yourself, what is the most important thing for me? How do I want to feel?

Many times, we are so caught up in what we’re doing that we forget why we started doing it in the first place. Focus on doing the things that matter the most instead of the unimportant tasks that overwhelm you.

Ask for Help and Accept It

You’d be amazed at how many people are willing to help, if you would only ask. Often, we cause our own problem by keeping others from helping us because we have a need to be in control of everything. We think others will say no, so we don’t even bother to ask.

Take the chance and ask for help. And be prepared to be amazed at what others are willing to do.

Create Boundaries

Time is your most precious commodity. Once it’s gone, you can never get it back. So, spend it wisely. You have a limited number of hours in your day. Determine your most important tasks. How do you want to spend your time and how do you want to feel? What activities will support those feelings? How much time do you need to recharge your battery? How much time do you want to spend with your family?

Once you’ve decided what’s most important, create boundaries around those activities and do not allow anything to change them.

Treat the feeling of stress and overwhelm as an emotional indicator letting you know when you need to slow down. Readjust your focus as needed to the things that are most important. No matter how difficult your day is, every morning is a chance to start over.

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