Your marriage should be the most important relationship in your life. Yes, the most important. Above your relationship with your kids, your parents, your siblings and your friends. If it’s not, it may be time to take a look at your priorities.
You and your spouse were a couple, a team, long before you decided to have kids. And at some point, your kids will grow up and be out on their own and it will just be the two of you again. Or maybe it already is. It’s important to continually nurture and grow your relationship through the years.
Why is it so important to nurture your relationship?

It creates a feeling of romance in your marriage

When you know that you are the most important person to your spouse, that’s romantic. You’ll be more willing to respond with love and affection when you feel like you matter. Keeping romance alive in marriage is crucial to keeping your relationship healthy.

It helps everything else in your life go better

When your marriage is happy, it makes every other area of your life better. If you’re always worrying about your marriage, it will take away from your productivity and your happiness. You only have so many hours in your day, don’t spend them feeling stressed and worried. Keep your marriage strong and it opens up your relationship to more happiness.

Your children need to see how marriage works

If your spouse is at the bottom of your list of priorities, your children will start to believe that marriage isn’t very important. If they see how essential it is to you that your spouse is number one in your life, they will feel love and security within their family.

Children who are always their parents’ top priority become self-centered

When kids are always the number one priority of a parent, they grow up and go into the world with an unrealistic view of how they expect to be treated. And couples who live child-centered lives tend to lose touch with one another and soon find that they have nothing left to talk about when the kids leave home.

Here Are Three Great Ways to Make Sure You’re Putting Your Marriage First:

Accept the reality that relationships are work. You can say that you appreciate your spouse, yet without action it doesn’t mean very much. Support each other, ask about each other’s dreams and goals, and make sure that your spouse knows, from your actions, that they matter to you.

Spend time together without the kids

Leave the kids at home and spend quality time just the two of you. Hire a babysitter, ask grandparents, or share babysitting duties with your friends. Just make it a priority to find the time.

Take advantage of opportunities to celebrate

Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day—they are all a great reason to celebrate your relationship. This doesn’t have to include lavish gifts or even any gifts at all. Just celebrate the special days of your marriage.
Making your marriage a priority in your life will be time and energy well spent. You, your spouse and your kids will reap the benefits of a happy and healthy marriage. Want to take your relationship to the next level give me a call to set up a half-day session to work on your relationship. I look forward to hearing from you. 970-682-4405 or andrea@witherswhisper.com I look forward to hearing from you soon.