Owning a horse can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. Our horses offer us terrific physical and emotional benefits by providing us with companionship and recreation. As horse owners, we have a responsibility to care for them and provide for their mental and physical needs.

The bond between a horse-owner and their horse is special and as a horse-owner we want to be there for them, to support their well-being as much as they support ours.

Essential oils are one way you can help your horse feel better and make them more comfortable in the event of stress, soreness or minor injury. Horses tolerate essential oils well but you must be knowledgeable about oils, how to use them and the effect they can have on your horse.

When using essential oils you have to consider that although your horse is larger in size, they are highly sensitive. The dosage for a horse is the same dosage you would use for yourself. Use even less if your mare is pregnant. If not properly diluted, essential oils can be dangerous or even toxic to your horse. I prefer to dilute pure essential oils with Sunflower oil but there are a variety of carrier oils you can choose from.

You should use only 100% pure essential oils in your horse care. Knock offs contain harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to your horses health and well-being. You can use these oils by diffusing; applying topically and some of them may be used internally as well.

Always consider your horse’s response before using an essential oil. Let them sniff it, if he doesn’t care for that oil he’ll usually let you know by turning his head away. Your horse’s response might differ based on their personality, it’s important to be in tune with what they are trying to tell you.

Essential oils should never be a substitute for proper medical care. If your horse is experiencing major health issues they should see a veterinarian right away. With that being said, essential oils can be used to care for a variety of common equine conditions.

If your horse is having minor physical issues essential oils can be a safe treatment alternative. Hoof ailments, minor wounds and thrush are common conditions that are treated with essential oils. You can dilute Lavender or Peppermint essential oils in Aloe Vera or a water based gel to be used topically for arthritis, soreness or stiffness.

Respiratory care with essential oils is popular among horse owners. Frankincense and Eucalyptus essential oils are the most commonly used to help pulmonary problems. Simply dilute, dab on the chest while letting your horse inhale the scent. Remember that they are sensitive, do not overdo it! Using more oil than necessary may do more harm than good.

On occasion your horse might need a pick me up, they have emotional days too! If this happens you can easily let them inhale a mood boosting essential oil such as Geranium or Lavender. You can even dab a small amount on their forehead so they can carry it with them throughout the day. Your horse may come to see this as a special treat.

A wonderful perk of using essential oils for horses is while treating the horse; you reap the benefits of those oils, too. Providing great care for your horse strengthens the bond you share and builds trust for a long lasting relationship.