It seems that happiness is a very “in” thing to feel these days.

Everywhere you turn there are books, podcasts, and YouTube videos about happiness and bringing more of it to your life.

Yet what does it really mean? And are you capable of feeling it?

This has been a busy and exciting year for me.  I got engaged in February on Valentine’s Day, planned a wedding and got married on August 18th. It was very much a whirlwind.

So many times, I hear people say things like “you complete me”, “I am now a whole person”, “I have found my other half”.  For me, I worked very hard to complete my own work and journey through personal growth. I worked to become a whole person as best I can for this moment in time.  The journey is never complete.

I am constantly striving to be a better me for a better us.

My husband and I have done couples gestalt work.  He said to me “Why do we have to go to therapy?”  My response was: I never want to be in a situation where our marriage is broken and we have a four-alarm fire.  I always want our relationship to be great.

We can always take our relationship to another level.  He liked that idea and we continue to work to make things great and happy.

I want to share what happiness looks like for me:

It isn’t how you feel; it’s your relationship to life

So many times, as humans we are looking for that something or someone to make us happy. That, my friend, is a rabbit hole that you don’t want to go down.

We can experience a range of emotions and that’s normal. Yet how quickly you recover from the difficult emotions and how you see your life, in general, can be a telltale sign of how happy you are.

No matter what you tell yourself it will be true.  Ever notice that if you wake up and say you’re going to have a great day you do.  If you wake up and one little thing goes awry then more and more things cause you issues… to the point you think, “I should just start this whole day all over again.”

Happiness itself is less of an emotion and more how you live your life. Difficult emotions come and go, yet loving and honoring yourself through them will help you recover quicker and feel more secure in who you are.

Pain still happens

Hurt, depression, anger, and frustration are all-natural emotions. Things happen in life that causes us take a step back. They require us to feel the pain of the moment we are in.

Being willing to face that pain and allowing yourself to just “be” in that moment, will lead you through overcoming it quicker and feeling happiness on the other side.

If you choose not to allow yourself to experience this emotion, it will rear its ugly head when you least expect it.  It is never convenient to deal with these types of emotions yet the quicker you allow yourself to “just be” the better off you will be.

Searching for your truth

To welcome happiness into your life, you have to be willing to search for your own truth.

Some people feel guilty for not being happy because they know how fortunate they are and that they “should be” happy.

Don’t “should” on yourself.

Searching for the truth of why you’re not feeling happy will lead you to your true path of happiness. You are not able to fix something if you don’t know it’s not working. If you’re not experiencing happiness in your life, it may be time for some soul-searching with the horses or through our coaching program to help discover what’s missing or what’s not working.

It comes only from within

Your happiness does not exist outside of you.

I have found myself in the past searching for a new piece of jewelry, a great outfit, a new car or just something to fill the void I was experiencing only to discover those things only brought temporary happiness.

True, lifelong happiness can only come from WITHIN.

Once you accept that and stop looking for someone or something to make you happy, you can start finding your true happiness.

Happiness can only come from a place of love

Loving yourself for exactly who you are no matter what weight you are, no matter the flaws you have or the mistakes you have made.

Loving and accepting others for who they are, loving your situation even if it’s not ideal, love of any kind will result in happiness.

Love is not always the easy choice, it can be challenging and even bring pain, yet ultimately love equals truth. It equals an openness to understanding and happiness.

Love and happiness both come from within your soul. Allowing yourself to feel them, even when it’s hard, will bring more happiness from within about who you are.

Happiness doesn’t have to mean jumping out of bed every morning with enthusiasm for the day. It’s more a feeling of comfort and peace about who you are, where you are going and where you are in your life.

What does happiness mean to you?

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