Are you speaking your truth or hiding your thoughts? At some point, you may have decided that speaking your truth wasn’t something you felt safe doing. Maybe you were put down or made fun of for your ideas. Or maybe your opinion was different than everyone else’s so you decided to keep quiet. Or maybe keeping your truth hidden was a way to protect yourself from being scolded or abused by a parent or partner.

Whatever the reason, keeping your truth hidden is eating away at you. Living your true self is the only way to fully experience joy and happiness. Beginning to speak your truth has a lot to do with building trust. If you’re not speaking your truth now, it’s probably because you don’t trust a person or situation where you want to speak up.

Building a relationship with a horse through Equine Gestalt Work can rebuild your trust, not only in others, most importantly in yourself. Horses are not usually trusting animals so you have to slowly and gently give them reason to trust you.

The same goes for speaking your truth. You have to slowly and gently allow yourself to trust so that you can begin speaking what’s in your heart. Here are a few steps to building that trust and allowing you to speak up:

Tune in to what you need most. If you’re not sure, journal about it and spend some time thinking about it. Often times, when working with a horse to develop trust, you’ll discover thoughts and ideas that you never knew you had in. Finding that peace allows those thoughts to rise to the surface.

Take care of yourself. Building trust can be a difficult journey; be sure you’re practicing self-care with some time alone doing something you love. Or better yet, time with a horse to help bring some calm to the overwhelm you may be feeling. Horses are naturally gentle and soothing creatures which will help you feel safe in your thoughts.

Find support. Feeling confident in speaking your truth can only come when you feel safe and you feel strong enough to speak for yourself. That won’t come without a good support system to get you there. A neutral third party can help build your confidence. Equine Gestalt Work is another great way to do that. Over time, in working with a horse you’ll not only begin to trust, you’ll also begin to feel more confident and secure in who you are.

If you’ve been hiding your truth for a long time, be patient; this work will not happen overnight.  Yet through some quality time spent in the presence of a horse, you can slowly start to recover from whatever has held you back so that you can begin to trust and feel confident.  Call today for a FREE life coach consultation at 970-682-4405 or email us at andrea@witherswhisper.com.