On March 24, 2017 blog, we took a look at how different personality types can determine your relationship compatibility. In that article, we took a look at how Myers-Briggs testing can help you not only determine your personality type, yet help you learn to be a better communicator with other personality types by learning to understand them better.

In this series, we’re going to further exam each of the four personality preferences that Myers-Briggs tests for. The first that we’re going to explore is Extroversion vs. Introversion.

This personality preference focuses on where you put your energy and how you renew your energy. Do you prefer to spend time with other people (Extroversion), or are you happier spending time alone (Introversion)?  Everyone has tendencies of both, yet most people have a tendency to lean strongly one way or the other. Let’s look at them more in-depth:


Being an extrovert means you get most of your energy from being active and spending time with people. If being in a large group of friends energizes you, you probably lean more towards being an extrovert. Extroverts also tend to feel confident and comfortable when speaking to large groups of people, being a team leader, and giving direction. See if these statements fit your personality:

  • I’m outgoing, a people person, and I love talking to strangers
  • I’m comfortable in a group of people and easily take charge
  • I have lots of friends and business contacts
  • I often say “yes” to a new project without thinking it through
  • I usually jump right into a project without creating a plan first of what I want to accomplish

These are all traits of strongly extroverted people. Can you relate?


Introverts gain their energy from within; they like to think through ideas, plan responses in their head, and live in an inner world. They are more comfortable on their own or with only one or two friends. They like to think a project or idea through and make a plan before getting started, taking time to formulate a clear picture of the result they want. Do these sound like you:

  • I tend to be reserved and somewhat standoffish in a crowd
  • I like being on my own and doing things alone
  • I only have a few friends, yet they are close, personal friends that I know and trust
  • I tend to get stuck thinking about a project or idea and not taking action

If you can relate to these statements, you probably lean more towards being an introvert.

There is no right or wrong personality type, yet knowing your own preferences can help you understand yourself better and give you the tools you need to let others know what you need from them.

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