Our journey of discovering our preferred personality types wraps up with Judging vs. Perceiving. We’ve been looking at how the different personality types on March 24, 2017 blog this can help you understand yourself and your partner better so that you can improve your communications skills.  Now let’s discuss the final personality trait of Myers-Briggs, Judging/Perceiving, to get the whole picture.

This personality trait is all about how you see the outside world and what you see in other people. Are you more structured and play by the rules, expecting everyone else to do the same (Judging)? Or are you more open-minded and accept people as they are for who they are (Perceiving)?  You may experience an overlap of these two personality traits in your own life, looking at the outside world one way and your inner self another. Let’s understand these personality traits a little better:


Looking back at how you make decisions, Thinking or Feeling, if you apply that same method to your outside world, you probably lean more towards Judging. You are a planner, like to have things organized and in order, and are uncomfortable when things seem out of control. Inside, you may still be open to receiving new information and feel that you are flexible. See if you can relate:

  • I don’t like things open-ended, I like it when decisions are made
  • I’m focused, task-oriented, and plan my day
  • I can sometimes be addicted to making to-do lists
  • I don’t like unfinished business and like to make sure my work is done before relaxing
  • I plan my work in advance so I don’t miss deadlines and even complete my work early
  • I can be a little too focused sometimes and miss receiving new information

If this sounds like you, then you are probably more of a judger than a perceiver.


If your friends see you as flexible and spontaneous, then you will most likely fit into this category. Perceivers tend to fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants rather than organize and plan. They tend to be open-minded when it comes to trying new things. See if these sound like you:

  • I’m open minded and respond when things happen rather than plan for them in advance
  • I not a big planner, I usually just like to see what happens
  • I tend to work in bursts when I have energy to spare
  • I thrive under challenges and deadlines
  • I can sometimes keep my options open so long that I miss making necessary decisions

If this sounds like you then you fall in to the perceiver category.

You may find that you can relate to both personality traits, preferring things one way for work and another way for your personal life. Understanding how your partner takes in and responds to the outside world will make it easier for you to communicate and understand each other. This will also help reduce your frustration and realize that what they are doing is not meant to irritate you.  This is just how they operate on a daily basis.

Personality typing can help you better understand yourself, your partner, your coworkers, and your family, making all your relationships a little easier. Contact me for your Myers-Briggs testing!  I would love to explore more of who you are.  Call for a FREE consultation and we can discuss your options.  970-682-4405 or email me at andrea@witherswhisper.com.