As we continue to take a look at how different personality types can determine your relationship compatibility, the next personality preferences to examine is Sensing vs. Intuition. This is the second personality type within the four personality preferences that Myers-Briggs tests for.

This personality preference focuses on how you receive information. Do you pay more attention to information you receive through your five senses (Sensing), or do you tend to trust patterns and possibilities in the information you receive (Intuition)? As with Extroversion and Introversion, we all have tendencies of both, yet one will be stronger for you than the other. Let’s exam them:


Sensing means that you pay closer attention to you what you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. You notice details and remember things that are important to you. You’re practical and logical and like to see how you can use what you learn. You trust your past experiences more than anything. See if these statements fit you:

  • I solve problems by working through all the facts until I have a complete understanding
  • I tend to remember events just as they actually happened
  • I’m a “bottom line” kind of person
  • I use facts to form a big picture in my mind
  • I pay so much attention to the facts at hand that I sometimes miss new possibilities

If these sound like you, that means you lean more towards being a Sensing personality.


If you pay more attention to impressions or underlying meanings, then you probably lean more towards Intuition personality. Do you learn things by thinking through a problem more than you do with hands-on experience? If you’re interested in possibilities and pay more attention to the future than the past, you fit right into this personality trait. Do these sound like you:

  • I “read between the lines” when listening to people to get a full understanding
  • I solve problems by exploring different ideas and possibilities
  • I love doing things that are new and different
  • I tend to think so much about new possibilities that I don’t explore how to make them a reality

If these statements sound like you, you are probably an Intuition personality type.

Understanding how you process information and learn new things is not only great for being a better communicator, yet will help you to choose learning methods that will benefit you. Most people use both sensing and intuition to learn and process information, yet they trust one more than the other.  Which do you trust?

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