Our discovery of different personality types continues with Thinking vs. Feeling. We’ve previously looked at how understanding the different personality types on March 24, 2017 blog and how this can help you develop better relationship skills by being able to better understand your partner. Now let’s dig a little deeper into our discovery. Thinking/Feeling is the third personality type within Myers-Briggs personality testing.

This personality describes how you make decisions. Are you a logical thinker and process all the facts or do you tend to make “gut instinct” decisions? Do you rely on facts and principles or do you think about the people involved and make heart-felt decisions? As with the other personality traits, most people have both tendencies and it can depend on the situation, overall, we tend to make decisions one way or the other. Let’s dig a little deeper into these personality styles:


Thinking means that you like to review all the facts, find the bottom-line truth of a situation, and make a logical, well thought out decision. You tend to analyze the pros and cons of a situation, even making a list of them. And you don’t let other people’s desires influence your decision. See if this sounds like you:

  • I’m always looking for logical explanations and solutions to every problem
  • I notice when things are a little “off”, not consistent
  • I enjoy technical explanations where logic is important and things make sense to me
  • I’m always honest about the facts, even if it means I’m not considerate
  • People think I’m too focused and I don’t care or I’m indifferent
  • I tend not to take people into consideration in my decisions

If you can relate to most or all of these, then you lean more towards being a thinker than a feeler.


If you are concerned about other people, how they feel and their points-of-view, then you are more of a Feeling person. You tend to be concerned with values and how your decisions will affect other people. You like to create harmony and you are a warm, caring, and considerate person. These probably sound a lot like you:

  • I’m always concerned about other people and their thoughts, ideas, and problems
  • I want everyone to get along and experience harmony together
  • I make heart-based decisions and I try to be compassionate towards others
  • I believe that being polite and considerate is more important than telling the “cold-hard” truth
  • I can be empathetic, sincere, and sometimes a bit mushy

If you’re saying “that’s me” then you are definitely a feeler.

Having a clear understanding of how you and others around you make decisions will make it easier to communicate your ideas so that decision making becomes easier. When you understand how the people around you make decisions, you can also find ways to compromise so that everyone can be happier.

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