As a lawyer, you’ve probably spent years learning how to structure your argument just so to get the judge and jury on your side.  You’ve probably relied on logic and research to present your case so that you appeal to the sensibilities of jurors to bring them over to your way of thinking.

Will that logic and structure help you in winning an argument with a horse?  Absolutely! Horses have an ability to “sense” the truth, and if your actions and emotions are contradicting your words, your argument is lost.

Believe it or not, horses can act as a living, breathing lie detector.  They relate to people with true and honest emotions, being fully present in the moment.  Unlike us, they are never thinking about the next thing they have to do or what they need to say to win you over.

Also unlike humans, horses never need to forgive because they never hold grievances or pass judgement; they just accept YOU for who YOU are.  Their “sense” of your emotions is what will win or lose their trust.  While in a courtroom, you may be able to bend the facts a little to suit your argument, only truth, in its fullest form, will win over a horse’s trust.

Psychologists at Sussex University did an experiment to see if horses can respond to a human based solely on reading a human’s face.  When the horses looked at a photo of an angry person, they turned away and experienced an increase in heart rate and that was without the human even being present!  Imagine the difference face-to-face.

So how do you sell your argument to a horse?  By simply being true, trusting, calm, and letting yourself feel your honest emotions to your core.  Just like humans, horses have their own unique personalities.  One thing is true about all horses, they have a natural ability to “sense” truth verses lie, in your words, your actions, and your feelings.

To get a horse to trust you, you will not be able to lie.  You are not able to contradict yourself in any manner and you must be forth coming no holding back.  Once the horse believes in you, you will find it to be the most honest and trusting relationship you’ve ever experienced.

A relationship with a horse will bring more calm, peace, joy, trust, and freedom into every area of your life.  It’s a winning relationship every time!

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